The Fingerprint of Love

ROHO is the Swahili word for
“soul”, and is defined as the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or
animal regarded as immortal.

Described as the the distinct emotional energy and intensity revealed in a relationship
with someone with whom you share immense compatibility, the term “soulmate”
springs to mind.

Greek Mythology and Soulmates

In Greek Mythology, the concept of soulmates is rooted in the idea that that two individuals are two halves of the same whole, originally united but separated by the Greek god Zeus due to his jealousy and fear.  This separation led to the perpetual search for our “other half”. 

What is a Soulmate?

In the modern world, while people often see soulmates as a love story-perfect match, soulmates can transcend much more than romantic love.  Consider the following:

Best friends find it easy and fun to be in each other’s presence, support one
another’s life goals, and are there in time of difficulty to help out. 

Karmic soulmates come into your life to teach you something, or provide a need.  Each person in this soulmate connection will bring a particular skill to the table, but both share a united vision.

The romantic soulmate defined by, well…. romance and unconditional love.

Parent/child soulmate - unconditional mutual love and support, and on the part of the parent, selflessness.

A twin flame connection describes a relationship in which each person sees a part of themselves in the other. They share specific qualities, passions, or insecurities.

Pets - life-form makes no difference!  Pets are often a great deal more than just companions.

The holistic psychologist , Dr Nicole LePera, best sums it up as:

Your soulmate is whoever you put your energy into. It's whoever you learn to compromise with. It's whoever allows you to feel safe and accepted as you are.  It’s who reminds you that you’re greater than your circumstances.  Soulmates are the result of work.” 

St Valentine's Day

Originally a day for lovers, St Valentine’s Day has evolved to include the celebration of various precious relationships between soulmates – lovers, friends, husbands and wives, children, and even
teachers!  People express their love with cards, flowers, and gifts.

Over the years, we have marked weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and (of course) Valentine’s Day with gifts of gold or silver.  Why?  Well, because jewellery makes us feel connected to the ones we love, and evokes emotions of care and love towards them.

Jewellery is a also a physical reminder of our memories, transporting us back to moments with or soulmates that we want to cherish for a lifetime.  It also lasts much longer than one lifetime, so heirlooms of memories (and the stories that created them) can be passed down to future generations, creating lasting
connections and collective memories between generations. 


Fingerprints develop in the womb and, once fully developed, the pattern remains the same for life.  Just as all of us exhibit unique fingerprints, we all also display distinct “soul prints” – our words, attitudes, values, and behavious etch an indelible imprint on the mind and heart of those we love – our soulmates. 

ROHO has married the physical with the emotional
to create a heirloom that is a tangible reminder of the soul.  The gift of jewellery to, or from, a soulmate
is one of the most personal celebrations of love we experience – what more meaningful personal gift of love and commitment for a soulmate is there than your own fingerprint, or their fingerprint, in gold or silver?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Hi friends!

While the concept of fingerprint jewelry has a history in South Africa, ROHO Impression Jewelry brings a touch of exclusivity to the scene.

Curious about how ROHO creates impression jewellery?

When you place an order with ROHO, we send you a wax kit right to your doorstep, along with a link to our instructional video. This video guides you through the process of shaping the wax and crafting a unique fingerprint impression. You have the creative freedom to design a single print, opt for a double-sided print, or even sculpt the wax into unconventional shapes, all for the same price.


Making a wax fingerprint impression

Once you're satisfied with your creation, we retrieve the kit from you. Here's where the age-old technique of lost wax casting comes into play. Through this time-honored art form, we painstakingly reproduce the precise contours and textures of your impression in the precious metal of your choice.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is Lost Wax Casting?

This process, also known as investment casting, is an ancient art that dates back to as far as 6500 years ago in Europe, Mesopotamia, and beyond. In those ancient times, sculptures were painstakingly carved from wax and then transformed into metal replicas.
Today, this technique has evolved into a highly sophisticated process. Here's how it works: the wax print you provide us is encased in a fireproof substance that molds around it. Then, under extreme heat and pressure, molten metal is injected into this mold. As the metal enters, it consumes the wax, instantly taking its place, and cools to form an exact duplicate of the wax impression.

Lost wax casting is a versatile method used to create a wide range of objects. Apart from jewelry and art sculptures, it's employed in engineering for various components. It's the preferred process when precision and intricate detailing are paramount, as it excels in reproducing delicate details with astonishing accuracy. This precision is what makes it ideal for capturing the minute intricacies of a fingerprint.

The only caveat is that it's a time-intensive process that demands a high level of skill to execute. In our view, the effort invested is well worth it, as it enables us to achieve an exceptional degree of accuracy and precision in our creations.

Finished pendant in bamboo box

The finished product is delivered to your door – a timeless keepsake of a fleeting moment, etched into eternity.

Until next time!

 Holly x





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What a lovely idea!

Liz Fairall

This is interesting, Holly. It’s a pity there isn’t an ancient process by which I could perfectly cast my figure… oh wait, haha, there is… diet and exercise!


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