Pet Impression Jewellery

ROHO also offers pet impression jewellery. Create a nose or paw print and ROHO will replicate the impression of your furkid in the precious metal of your choice.

Pet prints are a lovely way to capture the bond you share with your loyal companion.

How to Make a Paw or Nose Print

Heat the wax as directed in our instructional video. You can either place it on a hard, smooth surface and press your pet's paw into it, or you can use your finger as a counter-force, which will give you a paw print on one side, and your fingerprint on the other.  

The nose is usually moist, so use a tissue to dab it and dry it off as much as possible. Using your finger as a counter-force, press the wax against the nose. The texture of the nose is more subtle than that of a paw, so it will be a little more difficult (but not impossible!) to capture.