Your questions answered

How old does my child need to be in order to capture a good print? 

On average, we recommend waiting until your child is approximately 1 year old, when fingerprints are clearly visible. However, some babies fingerprints are visible at an earlier age.

Look closely and if the prints are visibly clear, making an impression will be easy. If not, you can always make an impression of the tiny finger-tip as a reminder of how very small your baby's finger was!

Will the fingerprints of my aging parents still show? 

As we get age, our fingerprints become fainter. If the prints on the index, middle, and ring finger look faint, try the pinkie finger - it's not used as much as the others and the print won't be as worn.

How do I make a double-sided print? 

This involves pressing the 2 fingers against each other to capture the 2 prints simultaneously. Our how-to demo video here shows this process clearly. 

How do I make a pet print?

The process may take a little time and patience but is not painful.

Place the wax on a hard, smooth surface and push the paw down onto it. Alternatively, use your finger as a counter-force, which will give you a pet print on one side and your own fingerprint on the reverse.

The nose is often wet, so it helps to dab it with a tissue and dry it off. Using your finger as a counter-force, press the wax onto the nose. The nose texture is more subtle than the paw texture, so it will be more difficult (but not impossible!) to capture.

What is included in the fingerprint kit?

Three wax balls in small containers and an instruction card are included in the kit.

The kit is packaged in a beautiful bamboo box and you can opt for a hand-written gift card to be added at checkout, making it the perfect gift for baby showers, Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Can I order one necklace with two prints?

Yes! To do this, simply order another pendant and select "no chain" on the drop down menu.

How do I know if the print I've taken is good enough?

If you can see the print in the wax, you will see it in the metal. As long as it doesn't have any cracks or lint/hair in it, the wax print will cast beautifully. Remember that the wax picks up every detail, so you really do want to avoid dust specks, cracks or anything that will affect the look.

The design of the pendant is entirely up to you: how deep the print is, what shape the wax ball forms when you press it down, whether it is flat or has a raised edge around the impression - the shape and print you create with the wax is exactly what your pendant will look like.

If you have any concerns, you can email us a picture at hello@rohoheritage.com for us to have a look anadvise.

If you send a print that we deem unusable, we will contact you before casting. In this case, we offer the option to try again with a new wax ball, free of charge, but we will need to charge courier costs. 

How long does it take to capture the print? 

If you get the desired result the first time, it's literally a few seconds. But often you need to get a feel for it by trying a few times to see what different looks you can get by playing with the shape of the wax ball, and how hard you press. Our advice is to not rush it. Remember you can re-roll the wax as many times as you like, so if you're not getting your perfect shape today, relax and try again tomorrow. 

How long is the turn-around time, from ordering the kit to receiving the final product? 

When you place an order, the kit will be dispatched the following working day. Delivery time is 2 to 3 working days. On receipt of the wax moulds from you, production takes 2 to 4 weeks. Each piece is handmade -We promise it's worth the wait!

What do the finished metal prints weigh?

This depends on the size you choose and can vary a little, but typically the pendants weigh around 1.5 to 2g for small, 2 to 3g for medium, 4 to 5g for large. For rings, add 1 to 2g for the shank, depending on the size.

Can I polish the silver if it goes dull?

Definitely! The prints are in solid silver, they can't rub off. The silver we use is tarnish-resistant, so it won't go dull quickly. However, if it does eventually, you can polish it like any other silver. 

Will the gold plating come off eventually? 

We use gold vermeil, which is a very high quality micron plating, meaning it is longer-lasting than the thinner alternatives. However, no plating lasts forever. The good news is that the items can very easily be re-plated if it becomes necessary. 

Can I add a birthstone? 

Sure! This is not currently part of our standard range, but we would be very happy to customise your piece for you. Pop us an email.