The ROHO Process

Making child's fingerprint impression in wax

When you order ROHO jewellery, we deliver an impression wax kit to your door, together with a link to our instructional video.

The video demonstrates how to shape the wax and create a fingerprint impression.  You have the creative freedom to craft a single print, a double-sided print, or even sculpt the wax into an unusual shape and incorporate three or four prints prints – the price remains the same regardless of the shape or number of prints.

When you’re happy with the impression, we collect the kit from you.  Through the time-honoured technique
of lost wax casting – an age-old art form – we meticulously replicate the precise contours and texure of your impression in the precious metal of your choice.

The finished product is delivered to your door – a timeless keepsake of a fleeting moment, etched into eternity.

ROHO Heritage, keep your loved ones close.

How to Create an Impression