The Fingerprint of Love

ROHO is the Swahili word for
“soul”, and is defined as the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or
animal regarded as immortal.

Described as the the distinct emotional energy and intensity revealed in a relationship
with someone with whom you share immense compatibility, the term “soulmate”
springs to mind.

Greek Mythology and Soulmates

In Greek Mythology, the concept of soulmates is rooted in the idea that that two individuals are two halves of the same whole, originally united but separated by the Greek god Zeus due to his jealousy and fear.  This separation led to the perpetual search for our “other half”. 

What is a Soulmate?

In the modern world, while people often see soulmates as a love story-perfect match, soulmates can transcend much more than romantic love.  Consider the following:

Best friends find it easy and fun to be in each other’s presence, support one
another’s life goals, and are there in time of difficulty to help out. 

Karmic soulmates come into your life to teach you something, or provide a need.  Each person in this soulmate connection will bring a particular skill to the table, but both share a united vision.

The romantic soulmate defined by, well…. romance and unconditional love.

Parent/child soulmate - unconditional mutual love and support, and on the part of the parent, selflessness.

A twin flame connection describes a relationship in which each person sees a part of themselves in the other. They share specific qualities, passions, or insecurities.

Pets - life-form makes no difference!  Pets are often a great deal more than just companions.

The holistic psychologist , Dr Nicole LePera, best sums it up as:

Your soulmate is whoever you put your energy into. It's whoever you learn to compromise with. It's whoever allows you to feel safe and accepted as you are.  It’s who reminds you that you’re greater than your circumstances.  Soulmates are the result of work.” 

St Valentine's Day

Originally a day for lovers, St Valentine’s Day has evolved to include the celebration of various precious relationships between soulmates – lovers, friends, husbands and wives, children, and even
teachers!  People express their love with cards, flowers, and gifts.

Over the years, we have marked weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and (of course) Valentine’s Day with gifts of gold or silver.  Why?  Well, because jewellery makes us feel connected to the ones we love, and evokes emotions of care and love towards them.

Jewellery is a also a physical reminder of our memories, transporting us back to moments with or soulmates that we want to cherish for a lifetime.  It also lasts much longer than one lifetime, so heirlooms of memories (and the stories that created them) can be passed down to future generations, creating lasting
connections and collective memories between generations. 


Fingerprints develop in the womb and, once fully developed, the pattern remains the same for life.  Just as all of us exhibit unique fingerprints, we all also display distinct “soul prints” – our words, attitudes, values, and behavious etch an indelible imprint on the mind and heart of those we love – our soulmates. 

ROHO has married the physical with the emotional
to create a heirloom that is a tangible reminder of the soul.  The gift of jewellery to, or from, a soulmate
is one of the most personal celebrations of love we experience – what more meaningful personal gift of love and commitment for a soulmate is there than your own fingerprint, or their fingerprint, in gold or silver?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time,


Hello friends!

Holly here, mother of a darling dragon child and creative business brains at ROHO Heritage. As a working mother, juggling motherhood, a career, and ‘me’ time (and as I am always reminded husband time too) is a constant battle… in fact, if you think about it, becoming a mother is a lot like going into battle... unprepared!

Preparing for Motherhood… not!

There’s no training for this life-changing event, bar nine months of unsolicited and contradictory advice from well-meaning experienced mothers and relatives. Not to mention the information that is spewed into your peripheral unknowingly at the time from social media. 

Instead, overnight, you’re thrown into the role that you have always dreamed of, and it’s a rude awakening when you realise that your dreams were just that and, in reality, you’re completely unprepared.

That’s the thing…you read all those books, you listened to the unsolicited advice when it made sense to you and, yet, it didn’t provide the training you thought it had, and you feel untrusting of your Mom-intuition. Even if you read 100 books about breastfeeding, parenting styles, and how to get a baby to sleep (or in our case, not sleep), there is no real-life preparation for the battle ahead. 

You have no choice but to keep paddling, keep your head above water, and survive!  In those first few months of motherhood, everything is about the baby:  taking care of the baby,  feeding the sweet little dragon child, and changing nappies… so many nappies!  

And you?  Well, you wander around in a daze, wearing two-day old pyjama’s stained with baby vomit, milk, eating the dried toast with one hand that you made for breakfast in the late afternoon. Battle weary, with tender boobies and raw nipples – not what you thought you signed up for!


Photo of Holly in the depth of new motherhood breastfeeding her daughter Arielle. Her grief is clearly written on her face.

The Mama Warrior and her Battle Wounds

 Wound 1:  Seemingly forgotten

Without a doubt, the birth of your baby is one of the best things that has ever happened to you but, it seems, your identity has changed completely. Your inner goddess is nowhere to be found, and although you know she’s in there somewhere, you don’t have the energy to look for her.

Friends, family, and even strangers, fuss over the baby.  No-one asks how you feel, or how you’re coping on two hours of sleep a day.  Suddenly, all your pre-baby accomplishments are forgotten, and your brilliant, creative mind, everyone once respected fades into obscurity as you answer questions about the baby (and, the answers require no more than the IQ of bath water).

Inside, you fight desperately not to disappear as you grow into your new identity as a mother. You know you’re still cool, you know you’re still relevant, and you know that you’re so much more than what the world sees you as now: ‘just a mother’. There’s also a strangely inconsistent expectation that you have nothing to do all day except look after your baby (and, really, how much time can that take?! (if I had a font for sarcasm, I’d have used it in caps here!), so you’re expected to juggle motherhood, running a home, create a postpartum career and earn some cash (because you gave up your lucrative career travelling the world to have kids, and what even is paid maternity leave in South Africa?), and still find that inner goddess (lol) every night when you climb into bed… exhausting! 

Sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, you must be the baby’s entertainment, nurse, comforter, and protector… 24/7!  And, on the rare occasion you think you’ve got it all under control and settle down to eat a real meal, with cutlery, your baby cries… it’s an easy choice: you put the cutlery down, and you are the mother you dreamed you’d be. Albeit with a large dose of anxiety and postpartum depression on the side.

Wound 2:  The judgement of Society

The one consistency society offers without any prompt, is judgement. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, there is always a judgemental comment from someone who thinks they know better. Surely, in the grander theme of child-rearing, the focus should be on baby being fed and loved, and in a loving and healthy environment, not how it’s done… just saying, new mommies have enough self-doubt as they battle to adapt and could really do without critical judgement. 

Whatever happened to the village mentality?  Where are the villagers helping us to raise our children?  We’re all in this together, aren’t we?  Let’s all jump in without judgement and lend a hand, even if that hand is merely a kind word that says, “Hey mama, I see you”. Or to tell us that we are doing a good job. 

We don’t have the time to wallow in frustration at the lack of support, because our battle wages on. You want to stay home to care for you little darling, and everyone is asking why aren’t you at work? If you go back to work, everyone asks how you can bear to leave your baby behind every day, raises an eyebrow, or murmurs judgmentally about your choices.  And, if you attempt to strike a balance working from home, get used to your client’s horrified faces when they witness the sheer magnitude of your precious babie’s projectile vomiting all over the office area.  

Last, but certainly not least, the double-standard judgement:  leaving the house on your own, without baby attached? How dare you!  And yet, when fathers leave on Saturday morning to play golf, cycle in the middle of the road around Cape Town,  or nip out for a couple of drinks with their mates, no one bats an eyelid.  For a modern society, a rather archaic attitude, wouldn’t you say?


Oh, mama! How you deserve your very own medal.

Photo of Holly, with Arielle on her chest holding her own medal, a ROHO pendant.

You deserve something to acknowledge all your sacrifices: all the late-night feeds, the stretch-marks, the wear-and-tear on those once pert, rather magnificent boobies, and (don’t forget)  the care-free woman you lost when you gave up everything to become a mother and, in so doing, inexplicably started putting everyone else, not just baby, before you.  

It's time to put yourself first, before you forget who you were, who you are, and who you can be.  You are glorious, and you deserve to feel accomplished, smart, sexy, and valued. Of course, I feel all those things as I wade through the postpartum fog, but I really wanted a medal… a proper medal. Something to signify this life changing period. So I made a wax mould of my darling dragon child’s fingerprint, and Lindi transformed it into a fingerprint impression pendant that I wear around my neck, close to my heart.  It’s a tangible medal that reminds me of how strong I am;  and, it’s a fidget-comfort when the dragon child isn’t near me, magically making me forget how she pushes my buttons and drives me to the edge.

Image of Holly and her daughter Arielle creating the wax impression together.


Don’t forget yourself!  You are the example your baby will learn and grow by – make sure it’s an example that breeds self-love and kindness, especially to one’s self. If you are always neglecting yourself and allow yourself to become a shadow, so too will your baby. Leave your baby the legacy of your intrepid life, your fearless approach, and your bravery.  And, if you happen to have a real medal, too, add that to the treasure-box of love you give her.

“You are a true warrior, you are a fighter, and you are a survivor of every battle wound you’ve sustained”. – Holly, Mama Warrior, Wounded in Battle, Surviving

Lindi and I would love to hear your war stories, so please comment in the link below.

Until next time,

Holly x 

Headshot of Holly and daughter Arielle all happy
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Beautifully written. The carefree woman is still in there somewhere. Thanks for the reminder. Xo


Deserve a medal every dam day! Beautiful words Hol!


This! I feel like you have seen inside my head as I’m raising two feral little darlings. Love them more than anything and now I’m learning to love myself too.


Totally resonates with me, I have two amazing (cray cray) kids, and let me tell you I went to war as this battle is one that makes you surrender & question everything you ever thought you new! I deserve that medal & more! Love this xx


Thank you for writing from the heart, for saying the things we want to say and don’t want to for fear of judgement from others and ourselves. Can’t wait to get my medal made and to wear it with love, pride and a sense of survival! Lots of love xxxx


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