Gold Jewellery

At ROHO we are able to reproduce the exact shape and texture of your fingerprint (or pet print) in the precious metal of your choice, which includes sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 9ct gold.  A 9ct gold product is the best choice for durability and longevity, as it can be safely worn every day, without having to take it off at bedtime, or to shower or swim.

A yellow gold fingerprint impression pendant hangng over natural linen.

9ct Gold (White, Yellow, or Rose Gold)


Due to the constant fluctuation of both the gold price and global exchange rates, the price of solid gold ROHO jewellery is subject to quotation.   

Email us at and request a quote for:

- the product you would like,

- the size of the impression, and (in the case of pendants),

- whether or not you would like a chain to be included in the quote. 


Selecting the Size of the Impression  

Impressions for pendants and rings are available in three sizes: 

Small 7-8 mm diameter

Medium 8-12 mm diameter 

Large 12-15 mm diameter

Dimensions are included on the product page of each product, for your information. 
Standard quotes will be for the sizes/dimensions as set out on each page.

three sizes of gold pendants available

Unsure About Which Size To Order?

We have a solution!

When you place an order with your size undecided, we will request a deposit of R2150 (the cost of a small sterling silver pendant) and include a payment link.

On receipt of the payment, we will send you an impression kit that includes 3 wax balls in each of the different sizes.

Thi enables you to experiment, making several impressions in different sizes, and then return the impressions that you prefer to us so that we can weigh them and provide you with an accurate quote (valid for 7 days).


Place your order

NOTE: You can also warm and divide the wax to roll your own ball size by hand to create a custom / in-between size, or even join two together if you like the idea of an extra large impression – the world is your oyster here and any size or shape is possible!

Just be advised that this will also be a custom quote which we will send once we get the impressions back and can weigh them.

Three impression pendants on chains, in yellow gold, rose gold and silver, displayed on a clean white background.

Some Information About Precious Metals...

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5%, by weight, of silver and 7.5%, by weight, of other metals that increase the strength, scratch-resistance and other characteristics. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

Gold Vermeil (Yellow or Rose-coloured)

Vermeil, also known as “silver gilt”, refers to a precious metal, (in this case Sterling Silver), that is plated with gold of a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns.

 Please note

Gold vermeil is not the same as gold-plated.  Gold vermeil contains a significantly high amount of gold and a layer of at least 5 times the thickness of gold-plating.  Gold-plated jewellery also has cheaper base metals like aluminium or brass, where the metal for gold vermeil is always a precious metal.